Amber Flag Award

Many thanks to our teachers Mrs. Griffen(Organiser), Mrs O’Shea, Mr.Butler, Mr. Murtagh and all other members of staff and students for their efforts in securing the Amber Flag for Colaiste Eamann Ris.

Message from Pieta House

Dear Amber Flag Committee in Coláiste Éamann Rís, Callan,


We at Pieta are delighted to inform you that your school has been awarded with the Amber Flag! 😊


We would like to thank the Amber Flag Committee for their commitment and dedication to promoting Positive Mental Health in your school this year. As you know in order to receive a Pieta Amber Flag you have to set and achieve goals throughout the year and our team found your application to be an outstanding initiative promoting positive mental health. We are truly overwhelmed with the amazing initiatives being run in schools this year. You are all a credit to your school.

We know how difficult the last few months have been and we are so thankful that you were able to achieve your goals either in person or “virtually”. We understand it’s been a trying time for the Amber Flag Committee but we hope that you can look back on your achievements throughout the year and be grateful of the time you spent together and the goals you’ve accomplished! Don’t underestimate the positive impact that your work has had this year. We, here at Pieta, certainly don’t.

Attached are certificates for the Amber Flag Committee that you can edit the names and forward them to everyone, if you wish. There is also a certificate for your school that we hope you will display to show your great achievements. We are hoping to send the physical flags once we get back from working remotely, hopefully this will be in September so thank you for your understanding.

Again, well done to all of you. Pieta’s Amber Flag Team hope that you are proud of all your accomplishments this year, especially in spite of the current situation. We certainly are!


Kindest regards,

The Pieta Amber Flag Team


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