Bro Liam Burke

Very sorry to hear of the passing of a great friend of the school, the town and the Community. Bro Liam Burke passed away yesterday evening. Liam arrived in Callan in 1990 and though officially “retired” he immersed himself in both the school and the town. He took on Honours LC Maths for many years, travelled on school tours and was a mentor in some of our finest hurling moments. He was President of Callan Golf Club and to this day the Callan RGA play an annual competition that bears his name. He was also a committed member of Callan Bridge Club.A colleague of ours said this morning that she wanted to remember his brilliant mind, the true Renaissance & Irish man, the lively personality and his sense of fun. He was a proud Clogh man much loved by his remaining family especially his nieces who visited him very often until Covid changed all our lives.  Sympathies also to his Confreres in the many places he served in his  long life but especially to Bro Christy and the community in Westcourt. Ní bheidh a leithead ann arís. RIP Liam and the bed of heaven to you.

Ms. Gleeson,
Cólaiste Éamonn RÍs,

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