Coláiste Abhainn Rí Draft Mission Statement

** The above is the draft statement from our Mission Statement Committee based on the agreed values set out by the staff in both schools. 

The next step is to share it with the school community to ask for feedback/observations. Should you wish to contribute, please email one the following School Principals:

Please include “Mission Statement” as the subject of your email

***Deadline (Thursday, Oct 1st 2020) ***

Phases of this process

  1. Gather the thoughts of the staff in each school regarding what are the agreed key values.  (complete)
  2. Mission Statement Committee formed with three members from each staff (complete)
  3. Mission Statement Committee meets and produces a draft which aims to encapsulate the thoughts of both staff groups in the Mission Statement (complete)
  4. Share the draft Mission Statement with the School Community for feedback/observations (in progress)
  5. Mission Statement Committee reviews any feedback/observations and produces a final draft Mission Statement (TBC)
  6. Final draft goes to the Trustees for both schools (TBC)

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