After School Study

Coordinator– Ms.Griffen


Study runs from 4.15 sharp to 6pm, Monday to Thursday and from 1.30 to 3.15 on Friday.

 The full cost of study for the year is €300.00. This is broken into 2 terms.

 The fee for the term 1 covering the period Monday 2nd September 2019 to Friday 20th December 2019 is €150 (this includes the €50 deposit) and term 2 is January to June, again €150, including a MANDATORY €50 deposit.

 Each evening your son’s diary will be stamped with an official school “evening study attendance stamp”. We would urge parents/guardians to monitor your son’s diary on a regular basis. We will no longer be making contact with parents/guardians with regard to attendance. Due to space limitations and the substantial interest in Evening Study poor attendance in term 1 may affect admittance to term 2.

Study Rules

  1. Study starts promptly at 4.15 p.m. and ends at each day, Monday to Thursday. Students must be fully prepared with books etc. required for the duration of study and be seated promptly by 4.15. Trips to the lockers are an unnecessary distraction.
  2. There will be Study on Fridays from 1.30 to 3.15.
  3. Students who need to leave study early (e.g. training etc), must inform the study supervisor (by note from a parent) prior to departure. Please do not ask to leave unless you have provided a note.
  4.  No communication is allowed during study. Student should raise their hand to get the supervisors attention if they need something. No form of disruptive behaviour will be tolerated.
  5. Eating is not allowed. Water is the only drink allowed into the study hall.
  6.  Mobile phones must not be seen, heard, or used during study and if they are they will be confiscated and not returned for 5 days, as per school code of behaviour.
  7. Students must sit at the desk assigned to them on the first day of study.
  8. No student is permitted to join study unless the €50 deposit is paid.
  9. Study must be fully paid for by the date stated on the letter for evening study; under no circumstances will the fee be refunded. Students who do not have the previous term paid in full will not be admitted to the next term.
  10.  Students must notify Ms. Griffin, Study co-ordinator if they do not wish to opt in to Term 2 of study so that places can be offered to other students.
  11.  All school rules apply during study.
  12.  If for any reason it is decided that evening study is being affected negatively by your son’s behaviour, school management reserves the right to omit your son from study for a period of time or indefinitely. If such a circumstance arises the study fee will not be refunded.