Guidance Department

Guidance Councillors:  Mr.Butler

                                                Ms. Rabbit


All students have access to the Guidance service in Coláiste Éamann Rís. This is either through their class groups or on an individual or group basis through appointment with the Guidance Counsellor. A student can ask the Guidance Counsellor at any time for an appointment and when this has been agreed the Guidance Counsellor asks the subject teacher if the student may leave his/her class. The Guidance Counsellor may also invite a student to come for an appointment if the student is referred by others. Referrals can be made by another student, parental referral, management, year heads, tutors and subject teachers. The voluntary participation in counselling of the referred student is respected by all concerned.

The Guidance Counsellors provide a support for the students. Students can get advice and support about a range of issues. From relationships to study skills and family difficulties to college advice and information, the Guidance Counsellors are on hand to meet with students in a confidential environment where they can be cared for and supported throughout their time in the school.

Some of the key times that the Guidance Counsellors work with the students is during the transition from primary to secondary school, making subject choices for senior cycle, and when filling out their CAO application.

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