At Colaiste Eamann Ris we have a very proud tradition of hurling and are in the enviable position to have a number of staff members who facilitate training and matches for our students. 

U-14 Hurling

Our U-14 hurlers partake in a number of challenge matches, tournaments and competitions throughout the school year. Training normally takes place during lunch time once a week and also after school on a Friday once the season commences. 


U-16 Hurling

The U-16 hurling campaign runs from the beginning of the school year through to January/February depending on fixtures. Training takes place at Lunch time once a week and on Fridays after school once the season commences. 

Senior Hurling

Senior Hurling commences at the beginning of the school year with group stages which determine progression to further rounds. At Colaiste Eamann Ris we are very proud of our students who climb the ranks to become a Senior Hurler for our school and those that do are encouraged to represent the school with pride and respect at all times. 

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