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Metalwork is a Junior Certificate course which allows students to make projects out of metals & plastics, including electronics. It exposes them to different applications of technology. They learn about design and use a variety of machines, materials, tools and processes to make their projects.

In 1st year the students will get an opportunity to sample the subject for 8weeks and then move on to sample another practical subject with a choice then being made in February.

2nd year students will cover both practical and theory. This is done through textbooks as well as suitable and challenging projects.

3rd year students have three elements to their Junior Cert Examination, Design Project, Practical Day Exam and Theory Exam.


The Junior Certificate Metalwork Exam consists of Practical and Written elements.
Both are completed in 3rd Year.

  • Practical (75%) 200 marks for project/100 marks for day practical
  • Written (Theory 25%) 100 for written exam

Students who choose to do Higher Level will also have a 3 hour Day Practical Exam  which 
is worth 25% of their overall Grade. (This is taken from the Practical aspect above)

Day Practical

Students are given 3 hours to complete a small mechanism project. Some of this project will also be completed throughout the year under the guidance of the metalwork teacher. The piece below is a sample Day Practical project for Junior Cert. worth 100 marks


The Junior Cert  Design project is completed throughout the year under the guidance of the teacher. The project is worth 200 marks and accounts for 50% of the students overall grade.

Written Exam

The written exam is completed in June and is worth 100 marks which for 25% of the overall grade. 

Student Work

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