Junior Cycle

Junior Cycle

This is a three year programme of studies leading to the Junior Certificate examination. In first year we currently offer the following subjects to our students

Business Studies*
Religious Education (Non exam) *
Materials Technology (Woodwork)**
CSPE (Common)*
Material Technology (Metalwork)**
SPHE (Non exam)*
Art Craft Design**
Science *
Technical Graphics**

In first year pupils get to sample all of the above subjects. The subjects marked * are taken for the full school year and those marked ** are taken  for a half year. In last term of first year the students will choose 3 subjects from the following list

– Business Studies , French, Technical Graphics, Woodwork ,Art Craft Design and Metalwork

and therefore will do 10 subjects at Junior Cert level. This choice is adjusted each year to facilitate as many students as possible to secure their preferred choice of subjects. In the school year 2014-2015 for example students chose one subject from the following groups.

French or Technical Graphics

Business Studies or Woodwork

Metalwork or Art, Craft and Design

There is no Entrance Exam into Coláiste Éamann Rís but we do have an Assessment morning each year (usually in March)where prospective students are tested to give us an indication of their Literacy and Numeracy skills. We place the boys into First Year A and B classes on a random basis sometimes taking family or geographical factors into account but we do not divide them based on academic ability.

For all classes other than Gaeilge, English and Maths we operate a mixed ability teaching system. We do not operate streaming in Coláiste Éamann Rís. For Gaeilge, English and Maths we operate a Banding system. In first term of First year we test the students in those three subjects and then divide them into Pass and Honours classes weighting the numbers initially in favour of the Honours classes.