Our school competes in soccer competitions at many age levels. We compete in a first years only cup competition. This is very popular amongst our first years and in recent years they have been very successful. In 2019 they were unlucky to lose the Leinster semi-final on penalties.

First years, second years and some third years also get the opportunity to play for our under 15s team. They compete in the Carlow Kilkenny championship. They play in a group stage league and if they are succeful they represent Carlow Kilkenny in the Leinster championship. This is the same format for our under 17s and under 19s. This ensures that every student in the school gets the opportunity to represent our school at the appropriate age group. Also this year we have a transition year soccer team for the first time. They compete in a transition year cup competition.

Trainings for each team typically take place on a weekly basis. Sometimes trainings take place after school but more often training takes place during lunch time to ensure that students aren’t restricted from attending due to having to catch buses etc.

It is important to note that whilst of course we wish to be successful in soccer in our school, it is more important that it is an enjoyable experience for everyone. Every student, regardless of ability, is encouraged to take part from first year to sixth year.

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